Suspended jail terms and fines for disorderly man

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Concurrent two-month jail terms, suspended for two years and a fine of £150 were imposed at Londonderry Magistrates Court on a 24-year-old charged with disorderly behaviour, resisting and assaulting police.

Gavin Mark Patrick Fisher, of 24 Swilly Gardens, was charged with committing the offences on November 29 last year at McDonald’s car park on Strand Road in the city.

The Court was told police were tasked to McDonald’s and while they were dealing with some people in a silver car the defendant exited from the passenger door and displaying aggressive body language began squaring up to a member of the PSNI. Counsel for the PPS said his teeth were clenched as were his fists and he challenged police to fight and was shouting.

Counsel said Fisher shouted at police to ‘f--k off’ and ‘I’ll take you on; get rid of that belt’ before attempting to headbutt one of the officers.

He was taken to the ground and handcuffed, but continued to kick out and resist, and was continuously shouting at police and swearing, inviting police to fight with him.

Counsel said Fisher’s record was before the Court.

Defending, Keith Kyle said his client had pleaded at the earliest opportunity when he was in court on may 19 for the first time. He said Fisher had a relevant record and said he was not working at present.

A related case is due in the Crown Court on June 23.