Suspect device in Drumahoe

Police and ATO are currently examining at least one suspicious object at Drumahoe Road in Londonderry, on a path used by anglers.

Police said that the Drumahoe Road has been closed at its junctions with the Fincairn Road and Church Road and diversions are in place.

The bomb disposal squad at the scene in Drumahoe. DER1715-101KM

The bomb disposal squad at the scene in Drumahoe. DER1715-101KM

ATO are at the scene, in an area close to the Three Mile House in the village.

DUP councillor, Hilary McClintock has visited the scene.

She said on facebook: “Just been to the scene of disruption in Drumahoe. It would appear that 3 pipe bombs have been found. At the moment we don’t yet know whether they are viable devices.”

It is understood the objects were found on a path along the river Faughan, which is used by anglers.

Condemning the incident, DUP Alderman Hilary McClintock, who visited the scene, said she “utterly condemned” those responsible.

“I utterly condemn the leaving of three pipe bombs in the area, which is used by a lost of people including walkers, fishermen and children and were left not too far from a primary school,” she said.

“Just recently we have had similar incidents in Currynierin and Brigade and we don’t know what or who is behind them. We are currently waiting to find out if these are viable devices.

“This incident has caused a lot of disruption particularly to the staff and children at Drumahoe Primary School and those living in the Drumahoe area.”