Soccer teams suffering after gas cans stolen

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LOCAL soccer teams are suffering after four gas canisters worth £750 were stolen from the Daisyfield pitches in Londonderry, the third such theft in recent times.

A spokesperson for Derry City Council said condemned the theft of the four large propane gas cylinders on Saturday night.

The local authority has appealed for anyone with information to contact the PSNI.

A spokesperson said: “It is clear that these cylinders were stolen from the facility as the padlocks to the compounds which store the four large propane cylinders were lying broken on the ground.

“The gas hoses were also cut and the perimeter fencing had been bent back to allow the removal of the cylinders.

“The theft has been reported to the PSNI and we would estimate that the theft will cost in the region of £750 to put the facilities back in working order.

“We believe that this is the third time that such an incident has happened and it is regretful that it is the local soccer teams who use the facility are now suffering because of the actions of these thieves.”