Roads Service replace bus shelter attacked by vandals

A vandalised bus shleter between Campsie and Maydown, which has now been repaired.
A vandalised bus shleter between Campsie and Maydown, which has now been repaired.

Residents of Maydown and Campsie are relieved that a bus shelter at the junction of the A2 and the Cloghole Road, which was attacked by vandals several times over recent months, has been replaced by Roads Service.

That’s according to DUP Alderman Maurice Devenney, who says he has liaised between concerned residents and Roads Service, over the damaged amenity.

The local Alderman also said the authority deserved commendation for stepping in and carrying out work on the badly damaged shelter.

“I would like to comment Roads Service for replacing the shelter, which was quite unsightly, located where it is just opposite the White Horse hotel,” said Alderman Devenney.

“It has been smashed up a number of times since the New Year and I’ve been talking to local residents who weren’t able to use it because of the extent of the damage.

“But I have to say Roads Service were there last week and it’s now been fully repaired and I’d like to thank them for that.”

Attacks on public utilities have been experienced across the wider Maydown and Campsie are in the past.

Over two years ago the Sentinel reported how anti-community vandals had smashed up a bank machine and bus shelter, torched bins and knocked down a wall during a spate of criminal damage in Strathfoyle.

The spree was roundly condemned at the time.

Alderman Devenney has once again called on those responsible to reflect on the impact their actions have on the community.

“I’d just have to say to the people responsible to think about the effect this has. Members of the community, particularly older people, haven’t been able to use this shelter as a result of the vandalism,” said Alderman Devenney.

“Especially, during inclement weather, there is no shelter with the way the panes have been smashed,” he added.

The DUP man supplied the Sentinel with a photograph of the shelter [see picture] prior to its repair, revealing the extent of the damage.