Right to anonymity waived by woman abused by uncle

Alwyn Donnell.
Alwyn Donnell.

A man who sexually abused his niece - but continues to deny it - has been jailed for eight months.

Alwyn Victor Donnell of Rushcroft Park, was found guilty of indecent assault and gross indecency after trial at Londonderry Crown Court. The 49-year-old victim waived her right to anonymity. The Court heard abuse took place on two occasions between January 1979 and December 1980 when he was 15 and his niece eight. The abuse took place whilst Donnell was babysitting his niece.

He asked her of she wanted to play karate and she found herself on the ground with him on top of her.

Donnell kissed his niece and made her carry out a sex act on him.

Next time he touched her privates and committed a sexual assault. On a third occasion he asked his niece to play karate again, but she refused and threatened to tell her parents. The victim said she realised she had been abused when she read an article about it aged 19. She did have counselling but did not tell police until September, 2012. Despite the guilty verdicts Donnell still maintains innoncence.

He said he does not hold a grudge against his niece and had considered an appeal but that both he and his niece had suffered enough. Passing sentence, Judge Phillip Babington said it is clear the victim had suffered as a result of abuse. He added that he hoped the trial and sentencing could bring some closure for her.