‘Real UFF’ death threat against SF candidate

Caoimhe Archibald, Sinn Ffein
Caoimhe Archibald, Sinn Ffein

Sinn Féin Westminster candidate for East Londonderry Caoimhe Archibald has received a death threat from a group styling itself the Real UFF.

The threat came in the post on a sympathy card to her home.

Speaking today Ms Archibald said: “This threat was sent by post to my home. Inside the sympathy card was stencilled the message ‘Real UFF’.

“This is a worrying development given the upsurge of UFF activity in the East Derry and North Antrim areas. This is another group of people who are intent on dragging us back to the past.

“We are taking this threat very seriously and my party colleagues and I will be meeting with senior PSNI officers later today to discuss this threat.

“Neither I nor any of my Sinn Féin colleagues will be deterred from carrying out our work on behalf of all sections of our community.”