Public order offender has court appearance

Bishop street Courthouse
Bishop street Courthouse

A six-month jail sentence, suspended for a year, was imposed at Londonderry Court on a woman charged with contravening public order legislation.

In the dock was Sarah Moore (18) with an address on the Court records as care of property at 63 to 65 Francis Street, Cityside.

The court was told that Moore faced charges relating to incidents on October 22 and November 22.

Outlining the case against Moore, the prosecution said in relation to the first incident that in the early hours of the morning of October 22, police saw Moore following a male person along Waterloo Street. Police then saw her shouting and gesturing with her arms.

The court was told that police intervened and Moore was warned about her behaviour. However, that this stage she became abusive to police instead.

The prosecution said Moore than told police: “Take me to court then. Arrest me.”

Outlining the facts relating to the events of November 22, the Prosecution told the court that Moore was stopped in relation to a previously imposed bench warrant. When spoken to Moore lashed out at the police officer. She also pulled at the officer’s chest camera which was fitted to their uniform, which broke the clip. Moore was restrained and limb restraints had to be used.

Defence counsel Nicola Rountree said it was no surprise that a large amount of alcohol was involved adding Moore had little recollection of either event. Ms Rountree said that it was Moore’s first appearance in the adult court and asked for a suspended sentence to leave something hanging over Moore.

Moore was subsequently given a six month jail term, suspended for a year.