PSNI warning: Copper may be exposed to asbestos

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Detectives at Strand Road have appealed for information on two burglaries.

A quantity of copper worth £200 to £300 was stolen from the former Stradreagh Hospital site at Gransha. Detective Inspector David McQuade said it was significant as the copper may have been exposed to asbestos.

“The copper tank may have been cut in to small pieces. It is between two to three millimetres in thickness and is clean inside. This description is of significance and will set it apart from other copper. We are asking scrap dealers to be alert to copper of this kind being presented to them”.

Meanwhile, money was stolen from a shopping centre at Glengalliagh. Entry was forced at the side of Northside Shopping Centre at 11pm on Monday and the culprit then smashed entry to a toy grab machine and stole the money inside.

The non-emergency number is 101.