PSNI: Attack was sectarian

Jeanette Warke. INLS1214-112KM
Jeanette Warke. INLS1214-112KM

Just days after a re-imaging project for The Fountain was announced, the PSNI confirmed that four youths were arrested in connection with a sectarian attack at Fountain Street.

A car parked near the home of resident Joleen Jackson, was targeted in the early hours of Saturday, and on Monday a PSNI spokesman said four males, aged 16, 18, 21 and 24, were arrested and later released on conditional bail pending further enquiries.

Youth worker Graham Warke, said the attack did nothing to enhance the image of area, adding: “It is terrible what has happened. This is the second time her car has been attacked. She cannot park her car down near her home.

“It was good to see that there have been arrests in connection with the incident.”

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