Prison officers under threat get help buying new houses

PRISON officers who have been forced to leave their homes by terrorists receive help from the Government to pay for new houses and can also receive an advance of salary to up to half of their gross pay, it’s been revealed.

Justice Minister David Ford revealed that a range of assistance is provided for prison staff who have been forced to leave their homes because of security threats.

Mr Ford stated: “In addition to advice and support, financial assistance is available for: temporary accommodation; travel and subsistence expenses; removal expenses; mortgage arrangement and survey fees; solicitors and estate agents fees; transfer grant to cover additional items of expense; and additional housing cost allowance.”

He also revealed that the officers can get help buying new houses.

“Help is also available when a shortfall occurs between the purchase price of the new house and the money available for the purchase; an advance of salary up to half of gross pay can be allowed,” he stated.

“Should an advance be granted, repayment is deferred for two years, after which it becomes repayable through monthly salary deductions for up to 10 years,” he added.