Parcel contained a Diazepam tablet

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A man, described as a ‘small time dealer’ has appeared before Londonderry Crown Court, charged with drug-related offences.

A suspended sentence was imposed on Ryan Robinson (26), of Yeat’s Court, Ballymagroarty, who pleaded guilty to charges of supply and possessing the Class C drug between February and May 2014.

Judge Philip Babington, presiding, was told that the charges against Robinson arose after the Borders Agency intercepted a parcel addressed to the defendant, which was sent from an address at Lahore in Pakistan.

The parcel was found to contain 700 Diazepam tablets.

The 26-year-old’s home was searched in May and a further 120 tablets were discovered

The prosecution maintained that the find showed the defendant had received another consignment of tablets.

Robinson’s mobile phone was seized during the search.

The court was also told there were a number of text messages found on the phone relating to dealing drugs.

Robinson was described in court as a ‘small time dealer’ who sold the tablets to feed his own habit.

This description has been accepted by the police.

Defence barrister, Mark Reel, said that his client was now free of Diazepam.

He added that the 26-year-old had not re-offended since May, 2014.

Judge Babington suspended a nine month sentence for two years.

He also granted a Destruction Order for the drugs and the seized mobile phone.