No records kept of vandalism to ‘Londonderry’ signs

Picture Charles McQuillan/Pacemaker
Picture Charles McQuillan/Pacemaker

No records are kept of the number of road signs bearing the word Londonderry that have been vandalised, the Sentinel can reveal.

East Londonderry MLA George Robinson said that the news was surprising because of the high frequency of vandalism to Londonderry road signs.

The DUP man from Limavady had requested information from the Regional Development Minister on the action taken to clean Londonderry directional road signs that have been vandalised - as well as the number of vandalised Londonderry signs.

The Minister, UUP MLA Danny Kennedy, in his reply, indicated that there was no record of the number of Londonderry road signs that had been vandalised.

Mr Kennedy said: “My department does not hold specific information in relation to the number of Londonderry directional signs that have been vandalised, or the action taken to clean these signs.”

Responding to the news that the Minister for Regional Development could not tell how many Londonderry road signs had been vandalised, George Robinson said: “I do find it surprising that there are no records being kept because the number of Londonderry road signs that have been vandalised is quite high.

“Perhaps if someone were keeping a record of this then something more could be done about it.”

He said that the money that must be spent repairing or replacing vandalised road signs could be put to better use elsewhere.

“Obviously the first thing that springs to my mind is that it costs money to replace them or take them away - that is money that could be going to replacing lights outside pensioners’ bungalows instead,” he said.

“Rather than trying to reinstate vandalised road signs I think there are much better uses that we could find for the money and it is unfortunate that people are continually causing this damage.”

The Regional Development Minister, UUP MLA Danny Kennedy, said there were no records kept of the number of vandalised Londonderry road signs.

Mr Kennedy said: “My officials carry out regular inspections of all public roads and footways so that essential maintenance needs are identified and remedial work can be completed as necessary. During these inspections, all defects are noted, including defective or vandalised signs, in addition to those signs needing cleaning to improve visibility. My Department will then arrange for appropriate action to be taken on a priority basis.