N.I. river rescue - person treated for cold water shock and hypothermia

One person had to be treated for cold water shock and early onset hypothermia after they were rescued from a river in Northern Ireland in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, 18th June 2019, 11:13 am
The person was rescued by Foyle Search and Rescue shortly after midnight.

The emergency incident unfolded after the P.S.N.I. contacted Londonderry river rescue charity, Foyle Search and Rescue, shortly after midnight.

"Foyle Search and Rescues Pager Team were tasked by the P.S.N.I. to reports of a person observed on the wrong side of the railings," a spokesperson said.

"As pager teams responded the person was further reported as having entered the water; boat crews arrived on scene within minutes and guided by land crew, located the person - commencing a successful rescue."

The person rescued from the water was then taken to Foyle Search and Rescue's base at Prehen where they received medical treatment.

"Emergency Medical Technicians and Emergency First Responders, assessed and treated the person for cold water shock and early onset hypothermia," said the spokesperson.

"The patient was then transferred into the care of Northern Ireland Ambulance Service paramedics and transported to hospital.

"Appreciation to the members of the public who deployed the Lifering, C.C.T.V. and P.S.N.I.," the spokesperson added.