Murder accused takes the stand in Dublin

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In the continuing Quigley murder trial being heard at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin, the court heard contested evidence that a policeman had made a threat to one of the prosecution witnesses.

Stephen Cahoon (43), of Harvey Street, Londonderry is accused of murdering pregnant 30-year-old Teresa Quigley at Cornshell Fields on July 26, 2008. He denies the charge.

On Friday the accused admitted they fought on the night in question and he saw red when she told him the baby was not his. He said he snapped, pushed her onto the bed and put his hand on her throat, but stopped when her face changed colour and gave her CPR. He said he did not know she was dead when he left.

On Thursday, a policeman denied he threatened to take a prosecution witness into a room and give him a “good kicking”. PSNI Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Hobson and was involved in the investigation into the killing of MsQuigley.

On Tuesday, the prosecution read two statements via video link to James Casey, who was giving evidence from Glasgow High Court, which had been given to police in Londonderry on July 29, 2008.

Under cross-examination Mr Casey admitted he had a conviction for wasting police time.

On Thursday, Det Sgt Hobson told the court he interview Casey on July 29 as he had voluntarily attended Strand Road station.

Det Sgt Hobson told the court that Casey had attended the station as a witness and the policeman had a discussion with him in which he was told to tell the truth. At hearing.