Man who squared-up for fight had mephedrone

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A 32-year-old man charged with possession of mephedrone and being disorderly has appeared at Londonderry Magistrates Court.

He was Michael McLaughlin, with addresses at 15 Glenabbey Road and 3a Gorarty Close in the Cityside.

He was charged with using disorderly behaviour on March 4 this year at Shipquay Street and on the same date of possession of a Class B drug.

Outlining the case against McLaughlin, Counsel for the Public Prosection Service said that police had been on duty in the vicinity of the town centre when they notice a man pull his t-shirt off over his head, and take up an aggressive stance and approach two other people with a view to engaging in a fight.

Counsel said police intervened because the defendant was shouting and it was apparent he was drunk. He said McLaughlin was advised to calm himself down, but failed to do so and was arrested on a charge of being disorderly in a public place.

At Strand Road police station as he was being processed and was asked to empty his pockets and as the Custody Sergeant was going through McLaughlin’s property the defendant became aggressive and had to be escorted to a cell. Among Mcaughlin’s possessions was a small bag containing a white substance.

It transpired that the bag contained 0.5 grammes of a substance later identified as mephedrone and Counsel asked the Court to amend the drug charge to read ‘namely mephedrone’.

Defence solicitor Paddy MacDermott told the court that a pre-sentence report might be of use.

Adjourning, District Judge, Barney McElholm told McLaughlin if he was suitable he faced community service.