Man was glassed in the face, court is told

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A three-year jail sentence was imposed at Londonderry Crown Court on a man charged with wounding with intent.

Sean Paul Cruickshank (45), of Waveney Mews, pleaded guilty to the offence, which was committed on September 27 last year in a publick house in the Waterside.

The Crown Court heard that the injured party and Cruickshank had known each other for around 25 years and both were in Annie’s Bar when an argument broke out between them. The injured party was abusive to Cruickshank, who then punched him to the right eye and a scuffle ensued in which punches were thrown by both.

Cruickshank was put out of the bar, but re-entered and there was another scuffle. He was put out on three occasions and the final time he re-entered the bar, he lifted a glass and put it into the injured party’s face. The incident was captured on CCTV.

The injured party sustained multiple lacerations and needed 11 stitches to four different lacerations, but was left with no great visible scarring.

The injured party said there was no animosity between him and the defendant. He also said he did not want to see Cruickshank go to prison.

Cruickshank left the jurisdiction after the incident but returned and was interviewed by police in February this year. In police interview Cruickshank said he acted in self defence.

Judge Philip Babington said he had given the case careful consideration and handed down a determinate sentence of three years, half of which will be spent in custody and half on licence.