Man claims his dog ate his electronic tag

Bishop Street Courthouse.
Bishop Street Courthouse.

A man who cut off his electronic tag told the authorities his dog had eaten it, Londonderry Magistrates Court has been told.

In the dock was Darren Mark Curry (38), of Glenabbey Drive, who was on bail for assaulting his ex-partner on November 12, last year.

The court was told the defendant was later found in a dog kennel and when asked about his electronic tag, he claimed his dog had ate it.

The court heard that in the early hours of Sunday morning the 38-year-old admitted causing damage to an electronic monitoring tag which he was ordered to wear as part of his bail conditions.

District Judge Barney McElholm was told by the Prosecution that Curry cut off the electronic tagging device and then went to his daughter’s house outside, which also happened to take place outside the hours of curfew previously imposed on him by the court. Curry had also consumed alcohol, which he was banned from doing.

He was found hiding in a dog kennel and he claimed the dog had eaten his tag.

Defence solicitor Seamus Quigley said Curry had gone to his daughter’s house because he was concerned about her.

He urged the court to give his client one final chance on bail.

District Judge McElholm estreated £300 and released Curry on the same terms and conditions of bail.

However, the District Judge also warned the 38-year-old if there were any further breaches he would be remanded in custody.

Curry will appear in court again on April 2.