Man admits: ‘I get drunk and go mad’

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A Ballykelly man who appeared at Limavady Magistrates Court charged with disorderly behaviour, was given a seven-month jail sentence, suspended for three years.

William McLaughlin (35), of Fort Drive, admitted the offence, which occurred in the early hours of May 27 in Portstewart. He told the court that when he saw the police “it’s like a red rag to a bull”.

Police were parked outside a bar when McLaughlin approached them and made a head-butting motion towards the car window.

Asked to leave, McLaughin shouted “f-----g b------s” at them before a friend led him away. McLaughlin returned, shouted abuse and said “I’ll f-----g chin all you b------s”.

Despite being warned about his behaviour, McLaughlin continued to be abusive, shouting obscenities and had to be physically restrained. When he was arrested, he shouted “Orange b------s” and “British soldiers go home”.

Details of another incident in Ballykelly on February 14, at 2am, were also read to the court. Officers received a report that McLaughlin was drunk and was thumping on the door of property at Fort Drive. The woman occupant said she shared the address with McLaughlin, but he was not allowed to stay when he was drunk. McLaughlin called officers “black b------s” and was shouting. He was arrested for disorderly behaviour when he refused to calm down.

McLaughlin, who represented himself, told District Judge Liam McNally he just gets drunk and goes mad and said when he sees police “it’s like a red rag to a bull”.

Judge McNally imposed a seven month sentence suspended for three years.

Judge McNally told McLaughlin it was his “last opportunity”.