Man accused of rape is released on bail

The High Court, Belfast
The High Court, Belfast

A man accused of raping a woman as part of an alleged violent crime spree in Londonderry was released on bail by the High Court.

Michael Carlin (23), from Amelia Court, Londonderry, was granted bail on a total of 43 charges, including possession of a gun, multiple attempted car hijackings and sexual assault.

Further counts against him include aggravated burglary and vehicle taking, having a samurai sword, theft, assault, criminal damage to a traffic light and failing to stop or remain at the scene of an accident. The offences were alleged to have been committed in the Galliagh and Shantallow areas of the city between November 18 and 19 last year.

At a previous court hearing it was claimed Carlin and a co-accused had been on a drink and drugs binge.

It was alleged that Facebook postings depicted Carlin holding a samurai sword and a metal bat.

Later that day a series of violent attacks were launched on motorists and shop staff, according to the prosecution case.

Lawyers representing Carlin applied to the High Court in Belfast on Friday last in a bid to secure his release.

Bail was granted on strict conditions, including a prohibition on the accused contacting either of two co-accused or any alleged victims.

He was ordered no to have any drugs or so-called legal highs and must not enter any licensed premises.

The Judge also imposed a ban to restrict Carlin from entering parts of the city except for court appearances and legal appointments.