Jail for man who stole a car to get some fast food for himself

Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66
Derry's Courthouse on Bishop Street. 3003JM66

A man who stole a car to get fast food has been jailed for two months.

Eamon Rory Owen McTaggart (23), whose address was c/o Maghaberry Prison, pleaded guilty to taking a car without consent, driving while unfit and having no licence, vehicle test certificate or insurance, being unable to control the vehicle and failing to wear a seat belt at Strand Road on September 27, 2012.

Londonderry Magistrates Court was told McTaggart was driving at between five and ten miles per hour and stopped in the middle of the road, before accelerating and driving on the wrong side of the road. Police saw that he was eating. When stopped the vehiclewas parked at an angle and was obstructing the carriageway. He failed a breath test and was arrested. The car was later reported as stolen.

During interview he claimed he had been loaned the car and believed he was insured.

Paddy MacDermott, defending, said the car belong to a friend of McTaggart’s ex-partner and he took the keys to go to McDonald’s.

He said McTaggart had difficulty with drink and drugs but was anxious to get clean and sober and get on with his life.

McTaggart was fined a total of £1,300 and an immediate warrant was issued.