Grabbed mother by throat

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A man who assaulted his mother has appeared before Londonderry Magistrates Court, where he was given a three month jail term suspended for two years for the assault.

Before District Judge Peter King was Kevin Quigley, of Fernabbey Park, who pleaded guilty to assaulting his mother on Boxing Day, December 26, last year.

The 38-year-old defendant also pleaded guilty to three charges of making false declarations to obtain benefits between May and October 2012.

The Magistrates Court heard that Quigley wrongly told the Social Security Agency that he did not receive his benefit cheques when, in fact he had, and he was provided with replacements.

The Court heard that the defendant then cashed both the original and replacement cheques, thereby receiving an overpayment of £546.

On Boxing day last year, Quigley grabbed his mother by the throat and shook her by the shoulders. The court was told the injured party was afraid of her son.

Suspending the jail sentence, District Judge Peter King also imposed a Restraining Order banning Quigley from going within 500 yards of his mothers home or harassing her.