Federation commends CS spray officer


The Police Federation for Northern Ireland says a finding by the Police Ombudsman vindicates the action of an officer who used CS spray on a 14-year old student in Londonderry.

The Ombudsman report into the incident on the 7th January found that the action taken by the PSNI Sergeant was necessary and that he had no alternative.

The student himself isn’t questioning the judgement of the officer, and his parents said they fully understood the action that was taken.

The PFNI, in a statement, said: “This was a prompt investigation into an unfortunate incident in a school where an officer was pushed and threatened by a boy in a very aggressive state.

“The officer’s response was proportionate, measured and correct and he is to be commended for his attempts to calm the agitated student. This was a first-class piece of policing where the reactions of an officer helped to resolve a difficult situation.”