Defendant exposed himself to the police

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A man who jumped up and down as he exposed his genitals and his buttocks to police, has appeared before Londonderry Magistrates Court,charged with public order offences.

Thomas McCaughey (25), of Ardgrange, pleaded guilty to exposure, disorderly behaviour and possessing cannabis and also admitted damaging an electronic signature pad belonging to the PSNI, on March 14.

The Magistrate’s Court heard reports that police approached the 25-year-old in the Fergleen Park area of Galliagh, because it was obvious to them that he was highly intoxicated.

The Court was told McCaughey was overheard to say “f*** off you d***heads” and at this stage he was warned about his behaviour.

McCaughey then seemed to backed off from police, but proceeded to drop his trousers and he exposed his buttocks to them.

At the point he started to jump up and down and then exposed his genitals to police.

The court was told there were a number of children playing in the area at the time.

McCaughey was then arrested and taken to the police station, where he was alleged to have slammed his hands down on top of an electronic signature pad while he was in handcuffs, causing £70 worth of damage.

The 25-year-old was searched and police found over one gram of cannabis in his possession.

Defence counsel Sean Doherty told the court his client knew his behaviour was unacceptable and police officers should be allowed to carry out their duties without interference.