Court told man was aggressive to police


A man from the Cityside in Londonderry has appeared before Londonderry Magistrates Court on a public order charge.

Before the court was Eamon Stokes (19) of Sheriff’s Glen, who admitted conduct giving rise to a charge of disorderly behaviour relating to an incident that occurred on November 27 last.

Outlining the case, the Prosecution related how the defendant became aggressive towards police as they were dealing with another, unrelated incident. The prosecution said the officers had been engaged in breaking up a group of males who were fighting in the city centre, when Stokes got involved.

The unrelated altercation and Stokes’ behaviour took place at Waterloo Place, where police had been tasked to deal with a group of males fighting after the fight had been reported.

As they were dealing with the initial incident, Stokes approached them in an aggressive manner.

Despite being warned to back away Stokes continued acting aggressively.

The prosecution said that after he was warned three times CS spray was used.

Stokes then left the scene and, due to the crowd and the situation, police could not pursue him. However, some time later Stokes was seen in the area and subsequently arrested.

Keith Kyle, defending, urged the court to leave something hanging over Stokes’ head.

Stokes was given a four month jail term, suspended for two years and fined £250.