Bomb warning in Feeny

Police on scene in Feeny on Wednesday morning.
Police on scene in Feeny on Wednesday morning.

Police are investigating a report of a suspect device near Feeny.

A warning relating to the Carnanbane Road area was passed to the PSNI last night.

Police are advising people living in or travelling through the Feeney area near Dungiven to be vigilant following claims that an explosive device has been left in the area.

East Londonderry MLA Claire Sugden said: “I urge the community in Feeny to remain vigilant following a report of a device in the area.

“An anonymous phonecall this morning (Wednesday, November 25) indicated that a device has been left in the Carnanbane Road area.

“This is again a potentially dangerous situation and I condemn it. It is not the only disturbance that this area has seen in recent weeks. There is zero tolerance for activity like this.

“Feeny is a peaceful, rural area where many families live. This has caused disruption on a busy week day morning, and undoubtedly intimidation for members of the community.

“The PSNI are working hard to resolve this. Although no device has been found, I urge people in the area to stay away from any suspicious objects, and to report them to the police immediately by dialling 999.”

Sinn Fein Councillor Sean McGlinchey said: “It’s unfortunate this situation has developed again, and there is no doubt it will impact the people in the local area. We’ll just have to see how the situation unfolds. Hopefully, it won’t cause too much disruption and it will be resolved quickly.”

Two weeks ago, dissident republican Oglaigh na h’Eireann group claimed responsibility for a viable explosive device found in the Legavallon Road area of Drumsurn. The security alert lasted three days.

The group claimed that while its “primary objective was taking action against the British occupation”, it would “continue to protect the local community from drug dealers and criminal elements no matter what these ‘false republicans’ are getting paid for your safety.”

“If anyone spots an unusual object they should not touch it but all 999 immediately,” a PSNI spokesman said.