Bomb Alert: Lives put at risk say DUP

Those responsible for last night’s bomb attack at Crawford Square were using violent means to achieve their own “warped ends” said the DUP’s Gary Middleton.

The Foyle election candidate also called for people to take a stand against those responsible, and said the bombing appeared to have been directed at the Probation Service.

The damage to the building at Crawford Square.

The damage to the building at Crawford Square.

“Thankfully there have been no injuries,” he said.

“The lives of residents, as well as the security forces were put at risk.

“The whole city must take a stand against those who use these failed tactics to achieve their warped ends.

“It is clear that those terrorists have absolutely no regard for the life of anyone living or working in this city.



“It is vital that those behind such incidents are identified and brought to justice.

“We must recognise the work of both the police and Army Technical Officers who put themselves in danger to keep our community safe.”

Meanwhile, Justice Committee Chairman, Alastair Ross MLA, said there could be no rationale or justification for terrorism whether past, present or future.

“The Probation Board carry out vital work in monitoring offenders living in the local community, and by doing so are protecting the general public,” he said.

“By attacking the Probation Board offices in Londonderry, those responsible for planting explosive devices have in effect attacked the entire community.

“It was an indiscriminate attempt to murder anyone who happened to be at the scene.

“An act of terrorism such as this is little more than a pathetic attempt at being relevant in an election campaign where most people are looking to the future, to prosperity and to moving Northern Ireland forward.”

Condemning the bombers as the “enemies of the people of this city”, SDLP Westminster candidate Mark Durkan said he was disgusted that anyone could carry out an attack of this nature with the potential for devastation and death.

“What we have here is a group of people who think that somehow they are helping Ireland by planting bombs or viable devices in a built-up residential area,” he said.

“By messing up the lives of families and leaving young children in hysterics they somehow believe this is striking a blow for Ireland. And of course it is nonsense.”