Atos overuling GPs on sick claimants’ requests for visits

Nelson McCausland
Nelson McCausland

ATOS healthcare is rejecting requests for home assessments even if a claimant’s GP supports one.

Asked “why Atos Healthcare can refuse a home visit for work capability assessments, even when a GP supports an application,” the Benefits Minister Nelson McCausland said Atos’ own health expert can disregard a GP’s opinion and demand claimants show up at local test centres.

He said: “Claimants requesting a home assessment are required to provide medical evidence to support their request.

“The information provided is considered by a healthcare professional who will decide whether a home visit is necessary whilst home visits are usually only carried out when a claimant is unable to leave their home for any reason, it is apparent that they are able to attend GP/hospital appointments, then they will normally be expected to attend an assessment centre for their medical assessment appointment.”