28% A&E spike on ‘Black Eye Friday’


The number of Altnagelvin A&E admissions on ‘Black Eye Friday’ was 28 per cent higher than the next busiest Friday night during the party season.

The last Friday before Christmas has rightly or wrongly earned the popular nickname due to the supposed higher frequency of bar brawls and street fights.

Judging from the number of A&E admissions at Altnagelvin - many of which have nothing to do with bar brawls or street fights - there were 58 admissions on the evening of December 20/21. This was more than were registered over the three previous Fridays. From 8pm to 8am over November 29/30, there were 42 attendances. The figures for December 6/7 and December 13/14 were 36 and 41 respectively.

Providing the statistics the Western Trust asked the Sentinel to note that the reasons for attendances varied from trauma, poisoning and injuries and ailments requiring medical and surgical assistance.

The statistics for weekend attendances at Altnagelvin A&E during the Christmas party season show that Saturdays were always busier.

Over November 30 and December 1 there were 50 attendances; over December 7/8 (51 attendances); over December 14/15 (69 attendances); and over December 21/22 (51 attendances).