Cricket club overcomes arson attack

MEMBERS of Burndennett Cricket Club are looking forward to the opening of a new clubhouse early next month at the latest, the club's fixtures secretary has told the Sentinel.

The finishing touches are presently being put to a new multi-purpose clubhouse building ahead of its official opening in late February or early March.

And whilst no date is yet available for the official opening Tony Henderson said members are looking forward to the club once again being a social and sporting hub for the local community.

The revitalisation of the area will be particularly welcome in the wake of a suspected arson attack on the Burndennett Club last Halloween, when the old clubhouse was substantially damaged by fire.

The deliberate fire was roundly condemned as an attack on the rural community at the time but only served to redouble the efforts of Burndennett patrons and members to get the new building completed as soon as possible.

"It's well on the way," Mr Henderson said. "Another month, four weeks maybe, we don't have an exact date at the minute.

"It's taken a lot of hard work and effort to get to this stage. But we have been lucky with the slump in the building trade.

"Because of that it wasn't a problem getting tradesmen in to help us get the new clubhouse built."

Mr Henderson said the Burndennett Club was in a similar financial position as that of most local sports clubs in these straightened times and that the arson attack only exacerbated the situation.

During the busy Christmas period the absence of the old clubhouse was keenly felt by people in the area but the beneficence of the neighbouring Fox Lodge Cricket Club and the support of the North West Cricket Union was greatly appreciated, said Mr Henderson.

"Fox Lodge were a great help. They let us use their facility over Christmas for a few events and I'd like to thank them for that," he added.