Credit card scam and false travel claims hit ‘Tech’

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Credit card fraud, the theft of a cheque made out to a student, the theft of trainee allowances and false travel claims, were all reported as frauds, which have occurred at the ‘Tech’ over the past three years.

In 2012/13 there were three reported frauds at the North West Regional College (NWRC).

They involved the theft of a cheque to the value of £585.90, which was made out to a third party; the theft of a trainee allowance worth £154; and an instance of credit card fraud, which resulted in no financial loss.

In 2013/14 there were two instances of theft involving trainee allowances although no financial loss was incurred. And in 2014/15 there was a false travel claim of £228.40.

Meanwhile, there were several instances of fraud also recorded at the University of Ulster.

In 2012/13, for example, an individual claimed mileage allowance whilst using a university pool car and incurred inappropriate expenditure at conferences.

In the same year there was an instance of fraud involving a fraudulent letter advising of a change of bank account details for a supplier.

In 2013/14 a student support provider was suspected of overclaiming of fees over several years. And in 2014/14 a fraudulent request was made to the University’s former bank to set up a Standing Order between the University and a Post office account.

Last week the Sentinel reported how at least one student was dismissed from the ‘Tech’ following several investigations into fraud at the local College between 2012 and 2015.

Meanwhile, action was also taken against a member of the University of Ulster’s staff and a period of monitoring initiated as a result of suspected fraud at that institution during the same period.