Councillor’s concern over ‘legal high’ known as ‘Magic Dragon’ which has potential to kill, he says

David Ramsey with an empty Magic Dragon sachet.
David Ramsey with an empty Magic Dragon sachet.

DUP councillor and father of two, David Ramsey, has appealed to parents to be on their guard for a legal high known as ’Magic Dragon’.

The innocuous -looking green package is no bigger than a scented hand wipe, and features a smiling dragon on the front.

“It states quite clearly on the back of the wrapper that the content are not for human consumption, and yet I have learned that children and young people are smoking it through a ‘bong’- it’s a device with a tube in it which they use to draw the smoke into their lungs in order to get high,” said Mr Ramsey.

“What concerns me about this Magic Dragon it says ‘may be harmful if swallowed or inhaled’. As a parent of two teenagers, I have dealt with similar issues in the past and know the stress that it causes families first hand.

“This stuff has the potential to kill and yet it can be obtained for as little as £3 from a number of places in the town, I am told,” he said.

“It is a pot pourri infused chemical which is giving the young people the ‘high’, yet it is damaging their health. “Inhaling these things can lead to many side effects, similar to the damage that is caused from sniffing glue or other chemicals or aerosol abuse,” Mr Ramsey said.

“This package ws given to me by a seriously concerned parent. I am horrified that it is on sale in the town and I am appealing to those involved in the sale of this vile stuff to stop immediately. Please anyone with information pass as much information as you can to the police or talk to the team at Divert, who have skilled drug addiction counsellors and who are based in the city centre,” he said.