Council offices to be lit up teal for Sorcha

Sorcha Glenn.
Sorcha Glenn.

Londonderry is to honour the memory of Sorcha Glenn - a young woman who tragically passed away from cervical cancer last year - by lighting its Council offices teal throughout January.

Mayor of Londonderry Brenda Stevenon said: “I am delighted to be involved in this campaign and to offer support to the Glenn family and everyone involved with Team Sorcha to work together to not only raise awareness of cervical screening in young people, but to enable those who require a smear test to be given one without age discrimination and to reduce the age of screening from 25 years old to 18 years old.

“The lights of the Council Offices have been turned teal during the month of January in an effort to raise awareness and to encourage more people to get behind the campaign.

“Sorcha was a very brave young woman who fought a very brave battle against the disease. Her story is truly inspirational and I am extremely proud of her family, friends and supporters for the positive way they have dealt with Sorcha’s sad passing by campaigning to ensure no other families endure what they have had to experience.”

Derry City Council has lent its support to Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

The campaign is being led locally by Team Sorcha, which was set up to raise awareness of cervical screening particularly in the 18-25 year old age group, following the untimely death last year of local girl, Sorcha Glenn who passed away last year following a 13-month battle with cervical cancer.

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