Copperthorpe still unfinished: Reilly

Martin Reilly at Copperthorpe.
Martin Reilly at Copperthorpe.

SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly has supported residents from Copperthorpe in the Waterside who have been calling for their housing development to be adopted by Transport NI (formerly Roads Service) for some years now.

Mr Reilly, who has been in consistent correspondence with Transport NI on the matter, said: “Copperthorpe was built in three phases and residents in this part of the Waterside have expressed their concerns to me over the years about faulty streetlights, uneven footpaths and broken fences which are allowing livestock to enter the estate.”

It’s now almost five years since the Sentinel first reported on complaints over unfinished business at the quasi-ghost estate in Drumahoe, but Mr Reilly said residents are still raising serious concerns.

Mr Reilly said: “These residents who purchased their own home now find the wider environment to be distinctly different from the glossy brochures available when they decided to buy in this area.

“Some of the properties in the third phase of this development remain unfinished which adds to their concerns.

“Unfortunately, the developer of this site has gone into administration, and I have spoken to both Transport NI and the administrators of this site about these problems.

“Action needs to be taken on all three phases which are at various levels of completion.

“I have raised concerns with the Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy of how the system has allowed the taxpayer to be exposed to additional costs which should have been borne by the developer.

“I am therefore calling for DRD to review this system to ensure that home buyers and taxpayers don’t find themselves in this position again.”

Back in 2010 the Sentinel spoke to several residents who had been living in phase one of the development who told the paper roads and drains in the estate had not been adopted and were not up to an acceptable standard.

During construction, Brookview Developments, sold Copperthorpe as a ‘groundbreaking’ new development that would include a ‘beautiful communal village park to enjoy those summer evenings and winter walks.’

However, DAB Developments - formerly Brookview Developments - was placed in administration three years ago.