Consultation continues on Crescent Link and former Desmonds site

Consultations and meetings will continue in respect of both the development of the Crescent Link and the formder Desmonds Shirt Factory site in Drumahoe, DUP man William Hay has said.

Mr Hay said that there appeared to be continuing confusion about the development of Crescent Link and the impact the new supermarket would have on the area, and particularly on parking and the effect on nearby housing.

“I am very positive about the Crescent Link development, and I am sure it will come to fruition. I am very, very keen to see this development take shape,” he said.

“I have been speaking to the Minister about this site and I have been in touch with the planning team to look at working with everyone involved on the masterplan for the Crescent Link.

“I do believe we are going to have a number of projects getting off the ground at the Crescent Link, including a cinema complex and a primary health care unit, as well as office space, and I think we will see that all come online smoothly and enhancing the facilities already there.

“All of these developments will be worked out over the space of a couple of months, and there is a feeling from planners that, with the proper in-put from all the relevant bodies, including the funders and the developers, that these projects will all work,” he said.

Stressing that the development could see between 1,200 and 1,500 jobs being created in the Waterside, he said: “A lot of work has been ongoing over the Christmas period in connection with this development and if possible it will happen.

“I have also been speaking to planners about the Desmonds site in Drumahoe. Understandably, there is a feeling of disappointment in Drumahoe that the site has been vacant for some years. We want to know what the reasons were behind the Minister’s decision not to green light the development and why the site was turned down for development.

“We will be meeting with planners about that and will be doing everything we can to move plans forwards in the very near future,” he said.