Concern at anti-social behaviour

SDLP Derry City Councillor Angela Dobbins has urged parents to check the whereabouts of their children after reports of anti social behaviour at a local play park.

Mrs Dobbins said residents of Thornhill Park and Ballynagard area of Culmore claim they are being ‘tormented’ by youths, drinking alcohol, in the play park facility in Ballynagard.

“One resident claims during the summer months her children are unable to play in their own back garden without being verbally abused from those loitering in this park. Another resident said they are plagued by the sound of loud music and shouting late at night,” she said.

“Although this play park is secured, I have been told entry has been gained and, whilst this is a very small play area, it is the only play facility for our children in this area.

“Now, with the longer nights, I am urging parents to check the whereabouts of their children, and who they are with. I will also bring the matter to the attention of the PSNI and Derry City Council,” she said, adding: “I am appealing to the people who are causing these problems to stop using this play park and leave it for children to play safely.”