Community leaders must show leadership

Former City Grandmaster Victor Wray.
Former City Grandmaster Victor Wray.

The City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge has condemned the attack of the buses at Greysteel on July 13.

Press officer for the organisation, Victor Wray, said it was an ongoing issue in Greysteel when Lodges, bandsmen and their families returned home from the celebration of their culture each year.

“This year two buses were badly damaged. One bus going to Donegal which was full of children and their parents, as well as bandsmen and women, having enjoyed a family day out, were attacked with bricks and other missiles at Greysteel, frightening them, and injuring one bandsman, who was cut by broken glass,” he said.

“We have had a very frank meeting with the PSNI and the outcome is that they are going to take steps to ensure this does not happen again.

“There could have been a fatality and it was only by the Grace of God that this did not happen. We now call on community leaders to play a bigger role in ensuring the rote is trouble free for all every day of the year.”