CoC13 PSNI overtime bill £656k for entire year


Police officers were paid over half-a-million pounds for covering events during UK City of Culture 2013, the Sentinel can reveal.

However, the bill was dwarfed by other events requiring police overtime during 2013 such as parades, protests and general disorder.

The PSNI revealed just £659,000 was paid out in overtime in relation to events during the cultural celebrations. The World Police and Fire Games, which ran for just ten days last August, came in not much less than this at £586,000. The total amount paid in overtime payments in 2013 was £72,136,000 across Northern Ireland.

But £58m (80 per cent of total overtime) was paid out for specific events.

Providing a breakdown of the main events in Northern Ireland which contributed to the total figure for overtime paid to police officers in 2013, the PSNI revealed that £25,748,000 related to events and functions funded by the Treasury Reserve and Northern Ireland Executive.

The G8 cost £9,838,000; Parades Protests and Disorder (01/04/13 – 31/08/13) cost £8,933,000; Flags Dispute and associated disorder (01/01/13 – 31/03/13) cost £6,791,000; Other Costs including Training, Court, Custody and Events cost £3,023,000; Twaddell Avenue and North Belfast protest (20/08/13 – 31/12/13) cost £2,545,000; City of Culture, Londonderry cost £659,000; and World Police and Fire Games cost £586,000.