Cllr Quigley welcomes plans for Coleraine’s Market Yard

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Causeway Coast and Glens SDLP councillor Stephanie Quigley has welcomed plans for the future development of Coleraine’s Market Yard.

Cllr Quigley said: “The development of the old market yard is a really exciting opportunity from a social and economic perspective.

“The yard has been closed for over thirty years and to have new life breathed into this area, in the form of safe shared space for indoor and outdoor use ,is a great news story. The new indoor space could be used to house museum facilities, art exhibitions and community workshops.

“The idea of having a safe shared outdoor space to host mini style St George’s Markets, outdoor events and even festivals creates a real sense of hope, regeneration and new life into our town.

“This project stems from the rationalisation of three Council assets within Coleraine, the first being the large Waterside (201 spaces) car park which suffers from significant under utilisation.

“The second asset - Terrace Row car park - which has become unnecessary due to the over capacity at the Waterside car park, which will now been made free to ensure adequate free parking remains.

“The third asset, Market Yard, will be developed as a multi usable events space as mentioned above, which has the additional advantage of the proposed parking element to fund its redevelopment,” she concluded.