Clinton says history will be judge of Inez’s courage

Copyright Joshua Cogan
Copyright Joshua Cogan

The newly announced US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has hailed an award-winning new documentary charting the life of trade unionist Inez McCormack saying she will always consider herself blessed to have known her.

‘Inez: A Challenging Woman’ is based on a final interview given to her friend and Drumahoe-native Susan McKay shortly before her death in January 2013.

Mrs Clinton said: “I will always consider myself blessed to have known Inez and call her my friend. She was an extraordinary and transformative force for peace, affirming the capacity of people to come together for a common purpose; because of her trailblazing and inclusive work, countless women and girls today have more opportunities and have been inspired to become agents of change in their own communities. History will well note her courage, leadership, care and compassion.”

In the interview Inez speaks strongly about the importance of implementing the human rights and equality commitments of the Good Friday Agreement in order to secure a lasting peace in Northern Ireland.

Inez was the first female President of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and an unrelenting activist for the equality provisions of the Good Friday Agreement.

She was a signatory to the historic MacBride Principles, a corporate code of conduct for US companies investing in Northern Ireland which demanded outcomes to address religious inequality in employment.

In the last decade of her life, she established human rights organisation Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR) to support deprived communities such as North and West Belfast to challenge the inequalities they face in housing, employment and health, and to have their voices heard.

Since 2006, PPR has grown to work across Northern Ireland and has received international acclaim from United Nations institutions for its approach to supporting marginalised people to assert their rights and hold government to account.