Children’s home to be converted to office

The Western Trust has applied for permission to convert the first floor of its premises on Chapel Road from a children’s home to new office accommodation.

According to documents submitted by the Trust to the planning office, the works at 103 Chapel Road will involve the conversion of existing bedrooms into office accommodation.

Additional computer points and telephone points are to be provided, whilst stud walls, wash hand basins and vanity units will also be removed from some former bedrooms in the building. Works will also be undertaken on the outside of the building.

Moss will be removed from two storey and single storey roofs on the building. Cleaning and minor repairs will also be carried out to the existing guttering in the premises.

Missing ridge tiles and damaged roof tiles are also due to be replaced. The Trust building will remain operational for the duration of the works with a maximum of two staff permitted in the building whilst it is being carried out.

According to the documents: “The contract period is programmed for five weeks but Clients are under extreme pressure to accommodate some staff as soon as possible.

“The Contractor must carry out all demolitions and major structural works so that early occupation can be achieved.”