Charity partnership worth £100,000

Pictured with Richard Moore is Gerry Kelly, Apex Chief Executive, and Apex staff.
Pictured with Richard Moore is Gerry Kelly, Apex Chief Executive, and Apex staff.

Londonderry charity Children in the Crossfire has launched a new five-year funding partnership with Apex Housing Association.

The new funding partnership will be worth £100,000.

Children in Crossfire Executive Director Richard Moore has heralded the charity’s relationship with Apex Housing Association as “one of the most valuable, rewarding and productive partnerships we have” .

“Apex have been stalwart supporters of Children in Crossfire for many years now, having provided us with more than £200,000 through their fundraising activities,” Mr Moore said.

He added: “We have achieved a great deal together, making a vital difference in the lives of very many people.

“Their enthusiasm for our work on Early Childhood Development, in particular, is nothing short of inspiring.

“Whether it has been by supporting our healthcare projects, early years’ educational initiatives, women’s empowerment programmes, safe water schemes or school renovation work Apex has always shown a passionate commitment to our cause.

“We are deeply grateful for all they have done for us – and for the children we support and their families.”

Mr Moore added: “Together we will keep bringing the compassion and conscience that epitomises the people of Derry and the wider northwest into the lives of young children and their families in Tanzania. We will keep making that vital difference.”

Apex Chief Executive Gerry Kelly added: “We are delighted to renew our partnership with Children in Crossfire, not least because we know what a significant impact our financial support is having. I have seen that for myself first-hand, as have Apex colleagues.

“We have visited the projects and met with the people whose lives have been changed for the better thanks to our efforts. It is both deeply humbling and truly uplifting to know that money raised here is transforming young lives there.

“It is our pleasure to work with Children in Crossfire and I look forward to seeing an even stronger partnership with them grow in the years ahead.”