Chair of city PSNI watchdog condemns threats to graffiti erasers

THE chairman of Londonderry policing watchdog has condemned alleged threats issued to local workers involved in removing republican graffiti from the city walls at the weekend.

Londonderry Policing and Community Safety Partnership Chairman Thomas Conway stated: “This issue was discussed at today’s PCSP meeting and members expressed their concern both at the threats issued against the workers and the subsequent criminal damage caused to company vehicles. Members were unanimous in their condemnation of these actions.

“The removal of slogans from the city walls is supported by statutory agencies and community representatives alike and the threat issued against these employees is totally unacceptable.

“These workers are local people doing their jobs. Furthermore the owner of the company in question is a long term supporter of local community initiatives.”

The graffiti in question expressed sympathy at the death of Belfast republican Dolours Price and antagonism towards UK City of Culture 2013.