Catholic schools are embracing forum

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Catholic schools in Londonderry have enthusiastically embraced a culture and music programme delivered by a Protestant bands forum, that’s been operating in the city for the past four years.

But one of the programme workers has told the Sentinel that the uptake amongst Protestant schools has been relatively disappointing by comparison.

Andy Lynch, who recently delivered classes to pupils at the Fountain Primary School, stated: “The only disappointing thing about the programme so far is the lack of Protestant schools taking up the opportunity for the free lessons compared to the Catholic Maintained schools, which are very enthusiastic in embracing the chance for their pupils to discuss and debate the subject.”

Meanwhile, the Londonderry Bands Forum is also continuing to support the William King Memorial Flute Band at the Fountain Forum in helping with the wider regeneration of the area.

A spokesperson for the Bands Forum said the recently constituted Fountain Forum should be used as a catalyst for development in the area.

Band representative on the Fountain Forum John Rankin, stated that the recent announcement of an investment package for the area and the Brandywell would only benefit the residents if all parties in the Fountain worked together and forced the government departments to use the Forum as a catalyst for development.

He told the Sentinel that a ‘Visioning Tool’ shown at the Holywell Trust recently giving a high quality three-dimensional overview of what the Fountain could look like gave a good example of what could be achieved if the right resources and community input are used.