Campbell takes the ice bucket challenge

The internet craze known as the ‘ice bucket challenge’ has seen one somewhat unlikely character getting in on the action - East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell.

The idea behind the ice bucket challenge is a fairly simple one - challenge someone via social media to have a bucket of ice-cold water poured over their head in exchange for a donation to a cancer charity.

Gregory Campbell MP. INCR51-113S

Gregory Campbell MP. INCR51-113S

After being nominated by Londonderry community worker Graeme Warke, East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell decided he would give it a go. “It is all for a good cause”, he said

“I was challenged by Graeme - he did it and nominated me and a few others as well. I tried to garner some interest in it by putting it on Facebook that I was going to do it beforehand. Luckily there was a high volume of people saying to do it, so I went ahead with it. Hopefully it helps out a very good cause.”

To donate to cancer research, text BEAT to 70007.