Campbell says the future of the Faughan is at stake

Dead fish floating on the River Faughan. (Picture Lucan Newland)
Dead fish floating on the River Faughan. (Picture Lucan Newland)

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has called for an urgent investigation into the major fish kill on the River Faughan at Claudy.

He said: “It is being estimated that around 1,000 fish are believed to have been killed on the River Faughan at Claudy. An urgent investigation is required to locate the source of the pollution.

“I have written to the Environment Minister Michelle McIlveen MLA seeking swift progress on this matter to minimise the impact of this major incident and also the need to ensure that there is limited scope for repeat incidents, particularly since this type of pollution has occurred on a number of occasions in other river locations in recent years.”

Mr Campbell, as local MP for the Claudy area and a resident of Drumahoe, a village and townland historically sustained by the River Faughan, warned the future of the river’s at stake.

“This is a major pollution tragedy on the Faughan which is a well-known salmon and trout river in the North West for anglers. The wider implications on this major fish kill for future generations of fish stock cannot be underestimated and it is imperative that the source of the pollution is found as soon as possible to minimise further losses.”