Campbell raises RTÉ with Minister

DUP MP Gregory Campbell has asked the TV Minister if live sports events covered by the Irish broadcaster RTÉ will be available to people with Freeview in Northern Ireland.

The DUP MP asked whether “under the Intergovernmental Agreement that allows RTÉ channels to be received in Northern Ireland by homes with Freeview, live sporting events covered by RTÉ channels will be available to people with Freeview.”

Under-Secretary Ed Vaizey MP said it was a matter for sports organisation to decide how to sell their property across different jurisdictions and platforms.

“The Good Friday Agreement from 1998 and the subsequent Memorandum of Understanding of February 2010 do not make specific provisions for coverage of

televised sporting events to be made available in Northern Ireland.

“It is at the discretion of individual sports associations and the rights holders, as to how they sell their properties by jurisdiction and by broadcast platform,” he stated.