Watch: Londonderry crew treated to a real Chinese welcome upon arrival in Qingdao

The Londonderry Clipper crew was treated to a warm Chinese welcome on Monday when the city yacht sailed into Qingdao in third place overall.

Skipper Sean McCarter was presented with a red cape that symbolises nobility; in ancient China it was only worn when emperors and generals returned victorious from battle fields.

The Londonderry crew arrives in Qingdao.

The Londonderry crew arrives in Qingdao.

“To arrive here today in Qingdao China is a fantastic feeling.

“To finish Race 9.1, one of the toughest races in the entire Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in one piece with the crew in good form is just a massive relief. “It also looks like we have made a good time, but GREAT Britain has also done incredibly well. We have our eyes firmly on OneDLL who are looking very promising right now, but only time will tell,” he said.

The crew sails for San Francisco on Sunday, March 16, trailing only the Henri Lloyd and One DLL yachts and with a four point lead over Great Brtiain.

Easy on the Tsingtao lads!