SBS gets go ahead for Maydown gasifier

Members of Zero Waste North West launch their Gasification = Incineration Say No Again campaign at Free Derry Corner. (3004PG101)
Members of Zero Waste North West launch their Gasification = Incineration Say No Again campaign at Free Derry Corner. (3004PG101)

DERRY City Council and six other local authorities across the North West have appointed a consortium consisting of Shanks, Brickkiln and Sisk to deliver a new £500m super-incinerator that will be located in Strathfoyle.

Those behind the plans say a Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facility will allow Councils to maximise their recycling by extracting useful materials from the waste stream.

This will be twinned with a gasification incinerator that will superheat non-recyclable waste and produce renewable energy as a by-product.

But some residents have expressed opposition to the proposed new gasification facility, which is considered a type of incinerator by the EU.

The plant will handle a massive 140k tonnes of household waste - the equivalent of the EU’s annual beef exports - every year from homes from Strabane to Moyle by 2015/16 subject to Council approval.

Coumcillor Evelyne Robinson, Chair of the North West Region Waste Management Group’s (NWRWMG) Joint Committee, said: “The NWRWMG has been developing proposals to bring European best practice in waste management to Northern Ireland’s north-west region for almost a decade.

“The proposed new facilities will maximise recycling rates, improve the environment and generate enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of 6,000 homes annually.

“The technologies proposed – which already operate in towns and cities across Europe – will ensure that ratepayers avoid potential EU fines for failure to divert waste from landfill, and create 200 construction jobs and 40 full-time posts once operational.”

Tommy McGlinchey, Managing Director of Brickkiln Waste Ltd on behalf of SBS Waste Partnership, said: “SBS Waste Partnership is pleased to have been selected as Preferred Bidder to help the Councils of the NWRWMG make more from waste and to assist the group in meeting their diversion of waste from landfill obligation.

“Much work remains to be done to deliver our approved and tested solution, and we look forward to working closely with NWRWMG in the coming weeks and months to move the project forward.”

Brickkiln is a Londonderry-based firm specialising in waste management and civil engineering, Sisk is an international construction company based in Dublin while Shanks is an international waste management business.

Pending signature of the contract between NWRWMG and the preferred bidder, and the award of an operating licence to the consortium, it is expected that the first of the facilities will become operational in 2015 with commissioning of the full plant by late 2016. 

A video, ‘The Future of Waste Resource Management’, which explains the new technologies in more detail, can be viewed on the NWRWMG website: