London business invited to city

LONDON’S business leaders and entrepreneurs have been invited to Londonderry to see for themselves “the fantastic investment opportunities that exist” here in the latest manifestation of a deal signed by the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce last year.

Mayor Kevin Campbell met representatives from the London Corporation and the Honourable Irish Society at the Invest NI-partnered event which targeted the cultural industries and sectors.

He said: “Derry has evolved over years to become one of Europe’s most switched on and connected knowledge economies; renowned worldwide for our talent, innovation and creativity.

“As a hub for many of the world’s leading blue chip companies including Seagate Technologies, AVX, Allstate, Fujitsu, DuPont and Invista, we find that once these global corporate leaders invest in the North West, the trend for further inward investment and deeper expansions of their operations follows in time.”

He added: “An ambitious strategic programme is now underway, one which began as a signed Memorandum of Understanding by the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce in 2012 is continuing with momentum with a focus on working with the UK Trade and Investment to develop and cement the opportunities for digital, creative and technology links.”

He pointed out that 150 cultural activities and event are planned here throughout 2013 - the year that also celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Charter with the City of London.

He said: “We are hopeful this too will create connections and add to the impact and legacy on the North West of Ireland.”