Huge NW demand for restaurant jobs shows urgent need of investment

Mayor of Londonderry, Martin Reilly
Mayor of Londonderry, Martin Reilly

Mayor Martin Reilly says the revelation over 1,000 people in Londonderry applied for 30 jobs at a newly opened restaurant in the city is evidence of the city’s urgent need for investment and jobs to the local economy.

He said there is a huge interest and commitment from the public in sourcing work and no shortage of a work ethic and more needs to be done to create employment opportunities across the city and region.

“This is not the first time that our city has seen a story of a deluge of applications for vacancies here and shows the need for our partners in regional government to focus on removing the barriers to growing our economy.

“Those with the responsibility for job creation should see this further demonstration of the work ethic in Derry as a ‘wake-up call’ and take the necessary steps to support our private sector growth.

“We need investment in our road and rail infrastructure and need more opportunities for young people to study here by expanding the University of Ulster at Magee,” he commented.